Kitchen Must-Haves

When you have the luxury of being able to do a kitchen renovation there are some kitchen must-haves that you should add to your new space. Here is a list of functional yet luxurious kitchen features.

Pot Filler

Pot Filler

  • Faucet placement and style doesn’t have to be conventional. A pot filler is an expected yet luxurious kitchen feature. Mounting the pot filler above the range is a functional yet stylish placement for a faucet, and overall, a fantastic idea.

Corner Storage

  • Some dread having corner units in their kitchen. In the past, corner units were a disaster, the cabinets where you put everything but found nothing with ease. However, with new kitchen corner hardware coming out every so often, the corner units have now gone from useless to glamorous and functional. Kitchen hardware for corner storage has various options to explore, from lazy susans, power slides, twister doors, or a magic door.

Deep Drawers

  • Drawers may be limited by size (width & length) depending on the cabinet that houses them, however, the depth of each drawer is up for customization. Having deep drawers right beside or beneath the range is functional and easily accessible, especially when housing large pots and pans.

Full Extension Drawers

  • Instead of installing deep shelves that you have difficulty reaching into the back, opt for hardware that allows the shelves to operate like drawers and fully extend open. This is not only a neat new feature, but provides an ease of access like no other shelving option.

Internal Drawer Dividers

  • Your new kitchen will look beautiful from the outside, however, if you want to continue the beauty, organization and functionality to the interior of the cabinets and drawers, internal drawer dividers are the feature to get. Installing built-in organizers for your utensils and other kitchen tools will keep everything tidy, even as you get full use of your kitchen on a daily basis.

Tray Storage

  • The interior of cabinets can come fully equipment with almost any feature you require or desire. Adding vertical dividers is a fabulous space-saver in order to store racks, pizza pans, cutting boards, and cookie sheets.

Integrated Appliances

  • Sometimes the woodworking and craftsmanship of the kitchen cabinetry is simply too beautiful to have your appliances stick out like a sore thumb. Integrating appliances with panelling and built-ins to match the rest of the cabinetry, is not only clever but gives the kitchen a cohesive look.

Integrated Trash & Recycling Bins

  • Just like appliances, the trash and recycling bins can be a sore thumb for your kitchen, with the added smell disadvantage. Planning out your trash and recycling areas within a cabinets allows your bins to be out of sight and out of mind, especially when entertaining. Additionally, having pull-out trash and recycling bins near the sink area is functional and easy to access.


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  1. April 25, 2018 - Reply

    Updating my cabinets seems like a change that my kitchen needs. I have wooden cabinets that are looking pretty old and worn out. Installing a new set of cabinets that look freshly painted would really help to freshen up my kitchen.

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