Maximizing Storage in a Small Space

Maximizing storage

Finding Storage or keeping yourself organized in a small space can seem like a nearly impossible task. However if you follow these steps you will have no problem maximizing storage.


Step 1 in minimizing clutter and taking back hold of your small space is to declutter. Go through all your belongings and only keep what you truly need or use often. Without all the extra clutter to deal with, you will be less overwhelmed when it comes time to clean up and find space to put it all away.

A Place for Everything 

A good way to ensure you maximize your storage space is to live by “a place for everything and everything and its place”. When trying to find a place for everything in a small space, you have to get creative. Organize vertically, place things strategically and decoratively under and over things so that your organization will also aid in adding character to your home.

External Storage

Although this may seem like a cheat, it can definitely help keep your home neat and tidy. Gather all of the items you don’t use often like family keepsakes in transparent storage containers, and place them in an external storage room. You’d be surprised that you can find inexpensive storage areas if you do your research. With the seldom-used items out of your space you will be able to find more areas to organize your everyday items, successfully making your home neat and tidy without getting overwhelmed.


Creative Storage Tips:
  • Organize vertically – Install floating shelves over a desk or other piece of furniture that take up no floor space but allow you to store items above.
  • Decoratively store items above cabinets or under shelving.
  • Organize by Frequency  – Reorganize your items depending on how often you use them. Less used items behind frequently used items.

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